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“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

I listened as a speaker explained the “60-20” principle, claiming that when we initially meet someone we have sixty seconds to create a lasting impact. The first twenty seconds focuses on appearance, the next twenty on behavior, and the final twenty on words. (more…)


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Who Am I?

I am a follower of Jesus.

I shouldn’t need to say that–my actions and words ought to convey such a foundational aspect of my identity. But I fear that’s often not what really happens. (more…)

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I recall the first time I encountered the idea that love is a decision rather than a feeling. I didn’t like the notion of removing the romance and mystery from “falling in love.” (more…)

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I think of myself as a rather simplistic guy. I like to discover basic truths and essential principles. In this sort of quest, I frequently recall a quote from another principle-seeker: “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.” – Albert Einstein

Following Jesus sometimes becomes complex. We become lost in debate about intricate theological concepts. The culture imposes its twisted perceptions of religion. We each view Jesus through our own limited perspectives, failures, and weaknesses. I need to stop occasionally and re-center my thinking, to be certain that everything else happens in the context of simple, core truths about Jesus. (more…)

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Our culture is confused about love.

Certainly there’s no shortage of references to the concept. We sing about love, read about love, and dream about love. We search for it (often in all the wrong places), celebrate when we find it, and grieve when we lose it. One of the biggest holidays of the year commemorates our apparent obsession with love. Christmas centers on toys and Easter prompts new clothing, but Valentine’s Day is all about love–and chocolate, or possibly a love of chocolate. (more…)

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The question confronted me again this weekend: “What’s your book about?”

I’ve stumbled over a number of minimally-satisfying answers, but Valentine’s Day prompts me to try a new approach. Relentless Grace is about LOVE. (more…)

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When it comes to listening to God, I’m a decidedly slow learner. It usually seems that He has to “prompt” me a number of times before I get the message. I’m trying to learn that when I encounter the same thought multiple times, perhaps I ought to pay attention. (more…)

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