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How To Thrive

In preparation for a speaking engagement in May, I’ve been analyzing the qualities that help people thrive when faced with a challenge. So far I’ve come up with this list: (more…)


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Big enough is big enough, biggest isn’t necessary. Seth Godin

In an article titled Infinity: they Keep Making More Of It, Seth Godin describes the dilemma of our obsession with numbers. In a global, mobile world, there’s no practical limit to growth and, apparently, no such thing as big enough.

Our culture defines churches, businesses, and Facebook pages by their numbers: most members, customers, or “friends.” Big seeks biggest; more seeks most. Enough ceases to exist. (more…)

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An optimist looks at a piece of moldy bread and sees penicillin.

Leonard was tired of my endless complaining. More than a year after my accident I still invested more energy in seeking sympathy than working to get better. He was sick of my lousy attitude. (more…)

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“Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” – Albert Einstein.

I’ve been thinking a bit (an unusual and dangerous development) about the notion of overcoming adversity. As a paraplaegic, I’m often asked questions like: How did you deal with it? How did you get past it? What helped you move forward? (more…)

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In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins – not through strength, but through persistence.

Do you recall waiting in long lines to get your driver’s license? (more…)

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“How do you develop resilience?”

We were discussing an approaching event at which I’ll speak to a group of nonprofit leaders about the notion of confronting and overcoming adversity. (more…)

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I like to read bumper stickers. I think there’s something clever about expressing an important bit of philosophy in a few memorable words and convincing someone to display your wisdom on their car.

I saw a catchy phrase yesterday that summarized the way I seem to live a good deal of my life: trapped behind an open door. (more…)

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